Tuesday, October 31, 2006

MySpace Rant!

God bless MySpace - I just don't get it... Is it narcissism, self-promotion, loneliness?

I am a total technophile and a lover of e-communications and everything nerdy - but "social networking" when it can be totally social-less and disassociated from real relationships just seems hollow. If you want to know how I REALLY feel, ask me in person.

Have we really advanced as people (especially as a spiritual people) when we remove ourselves from intimate personal contact? My training in pastoral counseling says that most (non-chemical) social disorders result from a lack of authentic and loving relationships. Is MySpace adding to the notion that genuine relationships involving vulnerability, risk and resultant trust are meaningless? If so, I fear it will only add to the number of people who must resort to a lifetime of medication to treat depression and social phobias.

MySpace as a cheap form of advertisement for bands and authors, yes. As a way to connect people in meaningful ways beyond "oh, my god you are sooooo cool and I am so cool for thinking you are cool. Isn't that cool?" Sorry, I don't see it.

Having a rare strongly opinionated moment,