Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Cleveland Commute

I've been in Cleveland now for almost two weeks and have gotten my bicycle commute down pretty well. It is 7mi each direction and mostly flat except for the bridge shown below. My main streets are Madison, Grace and Detroit - Detroit being a main thoroughfare between the city of Cleveland and the western lakeside suburbs.

Because I need a little Grace every day I take a left on it:

Then a right onto Detroit - here is my view heading east at the stop at 117th Ave, the dividing line between Cleveland and Lakewood (my fair city...)

As friend Warren Waldron noted - "when you live on the west side of Cleveland your commute is into the sun both directions." How true!

One of the curious things you get to think about when bicycle commuting - restaurant names. Please say with me three times quickly, "pho que, pho que, pho que..." ;)

After 6 miles comes the prize - the Detroit-Superior (Veterans Memorial) Bridge. Not steep but fairly long:

After that it is a quick shot through Tower City and onto Prospect Ave for my arrival at the UCC Headquarters.

The B.U.S.S. (big urban single speed) needed some professional wheel attention but other than that has held up well.

That's it for now, more sights later...

Friday, September 05, 2008

Todas las personas (all the people)

At a UCC communications team retreat...
Todas las personas

Thinking of the UCC's new ad campaign scheduled to begin Oct. 5, 2008: