Friday, February 23, 2007

El Gato

So we got a cat today! A mouse in the house was freakin' my spouse. Cy (cyber) was her name from the friends who have "loaned" her to us. We need a more ferocious moniker so we have renamed her "Xena - Warrior Cat" for the time being.


Living next to a field has its advantages - and its disadvantages... Mice, voles, moles, poison ivy, etc, being the major disadvantages.

Xena (Cy) had been adopted by some friends about two years ago. Seems she was left by her family when they moved and became a neighborhood cat. Our friends called her "the garage cat" because their own house cats were too territorial to let her in. No problem here, she just has to put up with a one year-old.

Xena is a pretty tortoise-shell cat with black and brown/red markings. If she had white blotches she would be a calico. So far so good.

Nothing like a cat in the house to let you know who is boss. We expect great hunting stories to follow...


brian said...

Beautiful cat. Let's hope she can hunt.

Tingle said...

She's beautiful! She reminds me of the first cat we had in this house, who was named Duff (after the beer brand on the Simpsons). She was a good hunter - but so good that she kept trying to return to the wild. She broke my heart and ran away one time when she escaped. Now I have two "scaredy-cats." Luckily we haven't had a rodent issue... yet.