Monday, April 02, 2007

Homeless Families in the US

Two of my latent passions are photography and journalism. I finished high school (20 years ago!) looking toward a career in this field but was diverted by joining the Navy to become a machinist on a nuclear submarine. (Huh?) Yeah, a big divergence.

I've done some writing for religious journals recently and have stayed active in photography but haven't pursued them together.

On March 21, 2007 I had the opportunity to take part in a "24 hours" project for photography. I turned the occasion into a self-assigned photo essay on homeless families. The full story and selected photos can be found HERE.

I'm grateful to the people and leadership of my congregation, Nexus Church, who graciously gave me the day off to pursue this opportunity. I am blessed to have the support of these people in documenting the needs and work of social justice in our communities as part of my ministry.


Alycia Doughman said...

I found the website by "Googling" my name (yeah I'm bored). You did such a great job, I only wish we would have been in our actual element (at the churches) to show what it was really like. It was way better than what it seemed. We didn;t always have to sleep in the shower rooms (haha). Great Job.

Tingle said...

Wow - an amazing photo essay. You are very talented! We've done IHN with my church, and I've found it so powerful - really makes homelessness more "human." The first time we did it, my mom told me how lucky we were to have never been homeless, and how close we really were to being homeless when I was growing up. And we would have been if not for my grandparents. It made me think about how I am so blessed to know that I will probably never know hunger or homelessness - I have people in my life who would help. My heart goes out to those who do not have that luxury and I think IHN is a wonderful ministry.