Monday, June 11, 2007

Mission Minded Moneyed

We talked a bit about Acts 8 and the disciples being thrown out of their comfort zones this last weekend. We were challenged to find the "borders" we need to cross for the cause of the gospel. Here is some great satire as a funny follow-up.

Please remember - it is satire...

Compare with the Vrettos/Barton mission team.


Chuck said...

My favorite line from the larknews article:

"We were gaining a global perspective, but losing the joy of the Lord," he says. "We had to switch gears fast."

Tingle said...

Oh this is GOOD! I'm gonna have to share this one. I love the "poverty fatigue" - good stuff! Strangely enough, a recent discussion in a NCC committee I chair (don't ask) about how short-term mission trips "miss the point" because they don't do a good job of connecting the work being done with the spiritual aspect. It was strange to me because we're encouraging short-term trips and some other denominations are discouraging them.