Wednesday, February 13, 2008

End Homelessness (COOL Lent: 2008)

5 Minutes of Caring: End Homelessness

The interview linked to the above article made a lot of great points concerning homelessness - mainly that community agencies need to work together to help provide solutions for the homeless. It isn't just a work issue, or just a cost-of-housing issue, or just a mental health issue. For some homeless it is all three of these issues. For others these leading factors only contribute to other situations.

At Nexus Church we have worked with Interfaith Hospitality Network of Warren County since our inception. This organization has a program which helps homeless families (one or more adults with one or more children, no individuals) find the assistance and opportunities needed to get back on their feet.

I did a photo-essay on a "Day in the Life" of one group of families in March of 2007 that can be found HERE. That in turn spawned a follow up article that became the cover story for DisciplesWorld magazine in July/Aug of 2007.

Working with these families over the past few years has certainly changed my perspectives about homelessness and given me great hope in solutions being offered by (and volunteer opportunities at) great organizations like Interfaith Hospitality Network.

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