Saturday, February 09, 2008

Story of Stuff (COOL Lent: 2008)

I'm catching up - the CoolPeopleCare "5 minutes of caring" emails don't go out on weekends so I'll have to find cool ways to care on my own...

A friend sent me this link about the cycle of consumption. We all realize this is happening, but the question is what will be do about it?

I was at W*lM*rt with my family earlier today - picking up a few odds and ends. We go there only rarely and probably never again if I can help it!

My mother-in-law picked up an item that was marked at $5.00 and commented, "how can they make this for just five dollars?" The answer is, THEY CAN'T. They are exacting a price all along the supply chain in underpaid labor, squeezed suppliers and unsupported store workers so you can buy a $5 pair of sweat pants.

I could go on and on regarding W*lM*rt's unfair labor practices - bringing in the most desperate workers for the lowest wages without benefits and trapping them in a cycle of debt and dependence. All of that so they can proclaim: "Save more, live better" to their customers.

The Story of Stuff recommends "A Better Way: 10 Little and Big Things You Can Do". Check it out these great ideas for being smarter about your consumption.

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