Saturday, July 05, 2008

...Not on My Bike

I've seen this commercial before. But in the context of watching the first stage of the 2008 Tour de France (and contemplating our upcoming move to facilitate year-round bicycle commuting) it seems a bit counter to the aims of cycling. I understand the need for advertising dollars but this commercial ultimately discourages kids from finding transportation that doesn't involve internal combustion:

Good for the kid though - repairing a heaping Gran Torino so he can get around at 10mpg and not ride his bike to Autozone any more... Oh yeah, he'll be going back to Autozone A LOT with that PoS. ;-)

Good luck passing the emissions test!

Not really an unexpected commercial as the auto industry struggles to keep "the feeling" and nostalgia of classic muscle cars alive both literally with new high-power gas-guzzling models and metaphorically as in this commercial.

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