Thursday, July 03, 2008

UCC Names New Editor (it's me...)

Well, it is official - the United Church of Christ posted a release about my appointment as Editor of United Church News and News Director for the denomination.

United Church News Names New Editor

My resignation letter to the congregation and its supporters can be found here.

It is an exciting and emotional time of transition. I truly love being the pastor of Nexus Church - it is the most amazing group of believers I have ever encountered. I'll miss each person dearly and our work of growing a new church together.

Yet, the call to this new ministry area is, in many ways, a life long goal of be involved in journalism professionally. I am honored and humbled to have served with the people of Nexus Church in the Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky Association of the UCC and to this new call at the national setting of the United Church of Christ.


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