Sunday, July 06, 2008

Reduce, reuse, refurbish...

We are in the process of selling our home and all the little things we didn't know were wrong with our house need fixing. Our basement bathroom was used so seldom that the balance spool on our shower faucet had seized allowing only cold water to come out. Try as I might with some chemical resolve, it would not budge. Options: plumber $300 + parts $150, complete new faucet $250 + plumber $150, purchase a balance spool from Moen online and do it myself for $90.

An insane price to pay for such a small part (about 2.5 inches long...):

It really is incredible how easy it is to find information on the Internet. One little Google and a call to Moen and I was on my way. The plumber was going to replace the main valve which wouldn't have solved the temperature mixing problem.

Oh yeah, all I needed for tools were two screwdrivers and a small pliers. Not bad.

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